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Tilanna vest:

Made of 100-year-old reinstated unused hemp material, with a felt tulip on the back.

At the Donna Dúla photo shoot, I wanted to pay attention to ladies who dedicate a part of their lives to supporting their fellow women - whether as a companion to a pregnant woman, birth attendant or doula during the maternity period.

Among the lovely doulas there are unmarried mothers with 2, 3, 4, 5 children. For me, it is very inspiring how many times they can stand at the gate of life. I wanted to bring this power and deep presence to the photos.

Our golden ladies were called the doulas of life. I was looking for modern-day doulas who inspire me with their life and radiance. Randomly, for example with their presence in a yurt, their relationship with pure raw food, or for the kindest light in their eyes. For once I wanted the attention to be on them, because they are the ones who always hold others. Let this quality be an example for us. Let there be soft attention between women instead of malice.

During the designing process, we created timeless pieces that complement each woman's wonderful shapes with their ageless lines. The ecoprint technique we used means to make prints on natural materials using the leaves and petals of trees, bushes, and flowers. These plant parts color and decorate the prepared textile as a result of cooking or steaming.

All pieces of the collection can be pre-ordered, and the preparation takes a maximum of three-four weeks. We will agree on the desired size and color mood in a preliminary letter, and we will create it for you!

The clothes were designed by Judit Simon (Ditta Felt) and Júlia Líbor (Retrock, Donna Terra). The tulip and earrings the craftsmanship praises the work of Martina Bellovicz.

Fotó, styling – Líbor Júlia

Models: Adrienn Dencsi, Andrea Mélykúti, Loren Pocsai, Mirtill Kucséberné Farkas, Anita Rozgics-Kis

Makeup: Petra Kovács

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