The History of Retrock

Travel with us

We now invite you to take part in our worldwide journey of Retrock! We now start a blog, so that you can get to know our aims and principles, and the background story of our special garments and accessories. Lose yourself in our story!

Imagine a small kid from Szentes with the passion for treasure hunting. He is scavenging attics and basements everywhere he goes, trying to find pieces of value and long lost relics. When he finally succeeds in finding something special, he is happy to touch the yet unknown textures and materials of secret treasures, and explore their hidden features. Now imagine this small kid as an adult, still on the mission for treasure hunting, but on a much wider and bigger scale. He is just as enthusiastic, although the attics and basements are replaced by the world’s biggest craft markets, vintage and Indian fairs and the exploring of unique accessories. This has become his vocation in life, he has become a Treasure hunter. 

We are proud that sustainability is the core DNA of our brand. 

We are the repertory of carefully selected vintage clothing and the house of young hungarian and south korean designers’ unique collections for 20 years now. This is Retrock. It is our belief that our limitless enthusiasm shows through in our store in Anker köz, and in everything we do. We select every piece individually, with utmost care and attention, always keeping in mind our guiding principles. We put our energy in every aspect of the brand. 

We love the process of procuring new items, selecting them, touching them, feeling the unique materials, exploring the culture and traditions behind the patterns and materials of the different garments and accessories.

Our mission

The product range of Retrock tries to draw attention to the excellent quality of garments produced a few decades ago. Back then, the clothes were prepared to last for generations. They are still of the best quality, even decades on, with rich fabrics that represent real value. In contrast to this, nowadays the goal is mass production, not quality (with some honorable exceptions).

Vintage items have a unique background story that can continue with you. Wearing vintage clothes or designer items is delightful and enjoyable, and because it is unique, you are not going to see it on anyone else. Also, by wearing them you are helping the environment, and indirectly helping reduce the polluting effects of the textile industry. Experiment freely and motivate others to do so. Extend this passion to your whole life! 

On the following occasions, we will bring you interviews with our dear customers and you can find out why they have voted for Retrock and sustainability.

Our aim is to encourage you all to strive for awareness in all areas of life, including clothing. Don’t collect clothes, rather buy one sustainable clothing item instead of four fast fashion items.

Let the adventure begin!
Save the planet – Buy Vintage