Huja candle holder

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Tánc világnapja – 04.29.

🪔 HUJA 🪔 light-holding girls

“A tánc a test teljes imája.” – Born Gergely

Unusually for me, I am now drawing attention to one of our ancient Golden Ladies, whose name was Huja. (Lived: 3756 BC)
I was inspired to give this name to an old-fashioned walking candle holder. This is the start of those plans of mine I have to knead into ceramics.
The motif itself is a symbol found on an antique Hungarian powder horn.
The symbol means ‘Sun reflected in the lake around which girls are dancing round and their shirts are coming together’, which I also used on this candle holder.

The meaning of this symbol had an elemental effect on me and I felt that I would like to evoke this meaning in a bigger magnitude. I felt it was too big and too detailed for a pendant. So it became a candle holder, which also represents light (metaphorically, as a candle) held closely by girls. Under the candle is the alchemical sign of the Sun (dot in a circle), which is not visible on the photos, but if you look closely, you can see it on the original. I try to grasp the last remaining threads of tradition and talk about it, pass it on.
The craftsmanship praises the wonderful work of Ágnes Bély and Zamak. Thank you very much!

🪔🥬🧄 I consider it important to pray together as a family during meals. I know it can be difficult to be present at the same time for everyone, especially when there are kids. But I think it is very important what example we set, what they will carry on. A feeling they will remember when they become parents too.
Was there intimacy at the table?
Do we give sanctity to these moments and do we give attention to each other and to ourselves, to the food? A beeswax candle also adds a divine fragrance to the meal.

Étkező asztalunk – Élet asztalunk

Let me tell you how we do it, but as I always say, everybody has the right to disagree. But giving my own example is how I feel I can be the most authentic.

We turn off our phones, put them away, and we hold hands.
We have a prayer together, during which we speak to our Heavenly Mother and Father.
In the beginning, we only said it to ourselves, later we started to say it out loud, now we also say it in a restaurant.
Nekem a becsukott szem könnyíti a vizualizációt, mely közben azt jelenítjük  meg, hogy fényünk erősődik és beragyogja az egész Földet. Persze mondhatjuk hogy ez egy szuper spiri ezohókuszpókusz de úgy gondolom ezért vagyunk itt ebben a mostani életben, hogy ez meg tudjon történni. Hiszem hogy át tudjuk fényesíteni a környezetünket. Szerintem nincs értelme máshogyan… 💗
Of course, it is only natural for everyone to have their own prayer according to their own beliefs.
The most important thing is the visual concept of intimacy and inner measure.

💃 In the photo gallery, you can see a few frames from my friend Júlia Ádám's Golden Ladies performance. Thank you very much Julcsi.

Director: Rita Furik

Photographer: Gyula Ádám

🕯 The candle holder is handmade, each pattern is the same, but in the same time different because of its handcrafted nature. It can be pre-ordered, and the preparation takes approximately two weeks.


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